The Fairfield Investor Roundtable consists of a group of investors and business people in the Fairfield Iowa. Its purpose is to foster economic development and accelerate entrepreneurial activity in the Jefferson County area, while earning a reasonable return in invested ventures for its investors. We actively explore and develop local investment and business opportunities across a number of industries.

During periodic meetings, 2 presentations are made to Members. After these meetings, investor interest a gauged, and further more in depth meetings may be organized.  The Roundtable members may pool their funds and expertise, or act as individuals.

If you, or your company is interested i making a presentation, please email us for an application, at

To foster entrepeneurial activity, the Roundtable recently held on October 14, 2006, its first "Fairfield Idea Bounce".  During this event, members of the community were able to make a short presentation  of their idea, business opportunity, or business. The presentation was followed by an approximate 10 minute review and feedback session from a business people panel. Approximate 12 presentations were given.
The second aspect of the Fairfield Idea Bounce, is to help connect creators, inventors, implementors, business people, mentors, service providers, and more. By connecting people, the likelihood of transforming ideas into reality, creating value,  dramatically increases.
Fairfield Idea Bounce will be held several times a year.. Email for more information.